📫 Licensing
We believe in a pragmatic and just licensing model. We have divided our licenses into three sizes:
1️⃣ Small
This is a non-commercial license. Intended for private and explorative projects.
2️⃣ Medium
Intended for studio projects and small to medium businesses.
3️⃣ Large
Intended for more prominent and influential companies. You know who you are.
4️⃣  Corporate
Indended for large companies with >50 employees.

All our licenses include desktop and web licenses. All font files are delivered in the following formats: otf, ttf, woff, and woff2.
🥋 Custom typefaces
In addition to our standard licensing model, we offer customisation of existing typefaces, in addition to the design and development of new custom type projects. Hit us up at type@smuss.studio↗ to discuss your project.

🚛 Trials
Call our names on type@smuss.studio↗ to access the entire library of trial fonts. We will give you access to the typefaces shown on this website in addition to current projects under development. The trials include a basic character set (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and basic punctuation).